Freedom is not free.

-A Deeper Look at Police Brutality

Man is very much the measure. Man is the measure of reality and what reality reflects.

– Thoughts on Reality

The Crisis in Sudan

Opponents of Sudan’s transition to democracy took to the streets of Khartoum on Saturday to call on the army to take control of the country.  Several thousand demonstrators gathered outside the presidential palace as the country’s political crisis deepens. Military and civilian groups have been sharing power since the toppling of President Omar al-Bashir in … More

U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Last August, US troops withdrew from Afghanistan, ending the world’s longest war. In 2021, the Taliban’s victory in the US-Afghanistan war shocked the world. This country became the only country to achieve victory in both the superpowers, the US and the Soviet Union. As a result, people wondered what the Taliban was and why the … More

Protests in Italy

Recently the Italian government has implemented a law which states that anyone who is on a payroll, in the public or private sector, must have a ‘green pass’ with a QR code as proof of either full vaccination, recent recovery from infection or a negative test within the previous 48 hours. Employees that go to … More

Facebook is DOWN!

On the 4th of October around 11:40 a.m E.T, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp stopped working. I remember being in school and constantly refreshing the Instagram loading bar but kept seeing the red “No Internet Connection” banner. To me and my classmates this was weird, almost unknown. We always have access to social media so we … More


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