Freedom is not free.

-A Deeper Look at Police Brutality

“Google has made itself an unaccountable trove of information so detailed and expansive that George Orwell himself could not have imagined it”

– A Threat to Online Privacy

Man is very much the measure. Man is the measure of reality and what reality reflects.

– Thoughts on Reality

Ethics of Social Networks

Chances are you’ve thought of the consequences of social media, you’ve probably heard that it is extremely distracting, or maybe that it’s the reason why you seem to procrastinate for hours and hours before starting a given task. But, let me tell you, social media is not a simple distraction. It’s a combination of multiple … More

Interview with Mr. St Laurent

Why did you become a teacher? My dad was a teacher his whole life and an administrator and my mom worked at a university as an admission administrator. I saw my dad seemed  to be happy in life and he enjoyed having his summer holidays. So I just thought I’d try that and I went … More


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